Creating a Classified Ad, What to Include What to Leave Out

 In classified advertising

When deciding what key verbiage you should  include in your classified ad campaign, debating   what can be left out to cut costs, nand what must have information to include, its important to start with the basics to help you define what is a “must see”  versus what is  a distraction.

Tips on Creating a Classified Ad

A Great headline

A headline specifically is the phrasing that allows the reader to know what your classified ad is about. Your headline may be the only thing that someone reads so it is important that it captures who you are trying to reach, and why they should keep reading your ad.


In a perfect world everyone would know why doing business with you is the bee’s knees. In advertising it is important to make sure that your audience can distinguish right away why they should do business with you over some other provider.  The key portion of your ad is letting them know not only some of the standard benefits or “solutions” that you can provide for their “problems”  but also what makes you stand out from your competition.

Call to action and Fear of Loss

Lastly, you want to make sure that your reader understands what they need to do and the time frame that they need to follow through to receive your offer. Fear of loss provides a powerful incentive into making sure that your audience contacts you right away instead of storing it in the cobwebs of their memory bank for a rainy day.

Contact info

While sometimes people prefer to offer multiple ways for a customer to reach out, in some cases it can actually be more beneficial to provide them with one way to contact you.  For instance, some may be distracted by multiple contact methods and end up putting it off until later, in other cases it can make ads harder to track by offering too many modes of contact.

In order to determine what method of contact is best for you ( phone, email, or , website) it is important to define the ultimate goal of your campaign when creating a classified ad.  As in, are you looking to drive people to your website, brick and mortar store, or do you want them to call? Once you have established what that is  everything else will begin to fall into place.


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