Advertise in the United States and Internationally

The United States is one of the largest and most competitive advertising networks in the world. In fact, many businesses that do not reside within the United States of America are looking to advertise in the United States.

In this day and age, companies rarely only advertise in one location. Often they are looking to expand their reach across an entire nation. Or even across the world. 

Advertising in the United States without over spending

It’s difficult to advertise effectively across the United States or internationally without overspending. This is a challenge no matter what industry you are in. Reaching the right audience is not without complications. What most advertisers don’t realize is that some national publications like USA Today have regional opportunities and international reach also!  Our Sister company Russell Johns is the official representative of USA Today as well as other publications.

Person looking at ads on a computer t do not reside within the United States of America are looking to advertise in the United States.

The build your business section in USA Today is a great way for businesses to expand their reach across an entire Regional or Nationally. It can also get some reach outside the United States. Digital advertising is one of many forms of media that are transcontinental. Print publications and the e counterparts also find their way across the globe. 

Even with all the Data in the world, it is still difficult to precisely target a specific area or audience. Regardless of what anyone thinks, Machines can try but still cannot think as well as a human brain, and humans also have free will, which machines do not. 

Extend your reach in a way that makes sense.

Because our relationships extend back throughout our 55 year, and expand across all of these borders. Regional advertisers sometimes find that their biggest challenge is to find low-cost ways to advertise without incurring additional costs or covering areas outside of their market or region. 

An important part of that process involves international marketplace segmentation—or the identifying of aspects that will help inform your marketing campaign.

Customer segmentation is a marketing term used to determine the shared characteristics of a brand’s most profitable customers and which segments have the most growth potential. The shared characteristics of these groups are based on common interests, economic status, race, age, location profiles, and even similar lifestyle and behavior choices. Advertisers tend to see a positive response and get the most effective advertising through customer segmentation

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