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Radio Advertising

  1. How much do you spend in advertising to add a new customer?
  2. Let us build a radio campaign to meet your cost per call or sale requirements.
  3. Call us now 813-920-0197 or 813-425-2561 or email support@myclassifiedads

 Most of our classified advertisers find the offers and promotions do well on national or regional radio campaigns- Though our partnerships, we are able to offer radio advertising on a national level in unprecedented multi-million dollar blocks of national radio network time. This media is a proven asset that gives our clients consistent profitable returns on their media dollars. We also have a vast network of relationships that give us "first look" at premium remnant inventory and standing "direct response" rates at thousands of stations around the country. Local, regional, national. straight media or performance based we have what it takes to give you the results you need.

We produce and test a national radio commercial campaign with our talented copy writer and on-air voice talent - After the test we are able to determine a cost per call that will allow you to have predictable call volume to produce the sales you need to be profitable.


Review Historical Data - We begin by doing a thorough analysis of your product/service and historical advertising and sales data to develop a clear understanding of the opportunity that exists.

Establish Metric and Payout - Once we have solid insight into your business, we use our expertise to establish the measurement metric (calls, clicks, acquisitions, etc) and payout (example - $30 per call generated) that will maximize results for both sides.

Develop Creative - If you don't have creative produced, we will develop it. If you already have a commercial, we will evaluate it and determine if edits need to be made to get the best possible results from the spot.

Test and Tweak - We start all campaigns in the test phase, running small amounts of media and watching the numbers closely. If we identify problem areas anywhere in the test (creative, media mix, call center, etc) we will make necessary adjustments and keep testing until we achieve the desired results.

Ramp - The testing phase is concluded when we consistently hit our target numbers. At this point we begin to ramp the campaign, leveraging our various distribution resources to deliver large scale profitable results.

You can also visit our sister site Radio Advertising for more information.

Call us now 813-920-0197 or 813-425-2561 or email

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