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Grow Your Business With Cost Effective and Response Driven Marketing Tools

Classified Ads Plus, LLC is a unique advertising agency that has formed strategic partnerships with media sources across the country. This unique relationship with our media partners enables us to achieve our clients' marketing goals without the traditional marketing fees. Classified Ads Plus, LLC provides multi-media solutions to form a solid foundation for a thriving business.

Press Release Campaign

Press releases are an effective way to spread the word about your business or a specific news events. We use state-of-the-art distribution that delivers your news releases to all media: - newspaper, magazines, radio, TV and niche markets through commercial newswires, RSS feeds, and all search engines. Your release will reach the international media or a specific region. Additionally, press releases have long lives in search engines and when used strategically, increase your website visibility and rankings.

Pod Cast

A Podcast is an increasing popular way to share expertise and information and one of the fastest growing media types in the world. A professional interview is conducted with your representative to produce information in a format your audience wants to hear. The podcast is then post-produced and distributed through the web and blogosphere.


An advertorial or infomercial is an advertisement designed to simulate editorial content, while at the same time offering valid information to your prospective clients. We combine our editorial and advertising contacts to pursue opportunities for cost effective & paid 'advertorial' space in publications.

Website & Optimization

Our website & design team are very experienced and highly skilled specialist in web site design and web development. Our customers are extremely proud of their distinctive websites since they are the result of our close collaboration and planning. We are able to deploy websites with custom technology, unique artwork and state of the art graphics.

When Building a website we always incorporate the optimizing tools in the foundation. Search engine optimization for attorneys means more visibility, accessibility and added value. It's putting the right words on a page in a way that directs a potential customer to your firm. The Web Specialists at My Classified Ads Plus' research key phrases to find a unique collection of words that meet a law firm's specific objectives. This means finding phrases that are highly searched but not highly competitive. Search engine optimization adds value by creating more presence on the internet and is a foundation to a strong advertising and marketing campaign.

Email Campaigns

General & targeted Marketing Campaign Services: When marketing your service for service for your business, the key to success lies in getting your services and news in front of as many prospective clients buyers as possible. Direct Email Marketing is the most powerful and cost effective advertising medium you can use to promote your business. We partner with the most established and reliable mail houses in the industry to make your campaign successful and accountable.

E-mail newsletters

Client newsletters are a strategic marketing tool for your law firm. Even attorneys who are uncomfortable with advertising and other forms of promotion find that sending a newsletter is a valuable tool for client contact.

  • Retain Existing Clients
  • Develop New Clients
  • Generate More Business from Current Clients
  • Create Referrals

We create your own in-house system to send out your own newsletters or we can do it all for you. This is a cost effective way to stay in touch with clients and encourages referrals. The system will allow you to Send & Track, with a platform that includes tools designed to help you determine the exact demographics of your customers. Through real-time web based reports and analytics you'll get a high level view of your campaign results.

Print, Radio & Television Advertising

Direct TV, cable television, network television to infomercials we are experienced in targeting you r demographic and obtaining competitive prices for advertising space. We offer national, major market, regional and local options in television and radio broadcast advertising - again without the traditional marketing fees.

Regional Newspaper Advertising

RNA targets more than one specific area, whether it is more than one State or a group of cities within a State. Regional group buys are an excellent way to get higher circulation in a broader geographic area.

Phone Book Campaigns

We partner with the experts in phone book advertising to make sure are maximizing the correct geographic placement in the most effective books for your areas.. We define your yellow pages goals and identify your primary markets. Yellow pages should be simple to administer and track. Comprehensive reporting can be fully customized to your requirements.

Advertising Solutions: MCA helps you find the answers you need for cost effective advertising for your campaign. We provide agencies and brands with premium media buying services and reduce costs to increase the impact of your campaign.