5 Reasons to Ensure DOL Compliance for Labor Certs

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The Department of Labor doesn’t play around. If you don’t make DOL compliance, you can find yourself with millions in fines. Still, there are far too many companies out there who don’t take this seriously.Whether you run a small business or an HR department, labor laws must play a significant role in your life. Look at these five reasons to make sure your company is compliant with labor laws.

What You Need to Do

DOL compliance is a complicated thing. There are a wide variety of labor laws that any HR department needs to be aware of. But one of the most important areas that companies miss out on is their hiring practices.

It makes sense to hire immigrants. There are many qualified, intelligent people who can make your company more productive. With the H-1 visa program, there is nothing illegal about looking abroad for potential employees.

But there are requirements about how you hire international candidates. One of the most important restrictions and one that’s entirely necessary for DOL compliance is where you find them.

Being compliant with the department of labor requires that you look for employees within the U.S. After that, you can look internationally.

For this reason, any challenged company needs to prove that they followed the law. Actually, there is a standardized method of doing this, such as posting ads in local and major newspapers.

While this may seem relatively easy, the reality is a bit more complicated. As a matter of fact, it is possible to lose your compliant status without even knowing it. This is why you always need to be sure.

Not All Ads Ensure DOL Compliance

It can be easy to call up a widely circulated newspaper and think you’ve done the job. But not all newspapers or ads are sufficient to ensure that your company is compliant. Putting the wrong advertisement in the paper is beyond harmful to your business. It can actually cause your company to be penalized by the department of labor. With that in mind, there are a few things you need to consider when making sure that your ad brings DOL compliance. The first is whether or not you’ve placed it in a newspaper of “general circulation.” This is defined as a paid newspaper that is distributed either daily or at least once a week. The rate at which the paper is sold must be fixed. That being said, a separate Sunday or special edition rate is permissible.Just running an ad in a general circulation newspaper isn’t enough. It must be run in the largest available one on two separate Sundays. You can use other forms of media, but newspapers are the most important to engage with.

Making Mistakes Can Cost You Millions

Hiring undocumented workers can result in large fines for your business. The same goes for those who give employees an H-1 Visa improperly. This can vary depending on the size of your company, but the more people you hire, the larger these fines will be.Fines can be hundreds of dollars per employee. As those fines rack up, your bottom line is depleted.If you’re trying to avoid unnecessary expenses for your business, DOL compliance is a must. Every employee counts, and failure is simply too expensive for your company to deal with.

Regulations Are Getting More Strict

Over the past few years, the penalties for lacking compliance have gotten more strict. Unfortunately, this shows no sign of slowing down for businesses. Fine increases cover immigration law violations. But there have been upticks in penalties for everything from employee hours to benefit plans. Regular fine increases are such that there may even be another within the next few months. And as these increased fines continue to become a problem for your business, you’ll find yourself wishing you were compliant in the first place. You should consider this in the context of how long it can take for a fine increase to start. You may have hired employees while fines were lower than they were when you got caught. It’s best to avoid this problem altogether by embracing compliance.

There Are People Who Can Help You

The most important reason to make sure you get DOL compliance is that it can be easy. There are a number of companies out there who are dedicated to helping you make compliance simple. Your only job is to contact them. We work to make sure your company is placing classified ads in major newspapers. This makes employing Americans simple. It also ensures that you’re compliant if you decide to make an international hiring decision.

We want to help you! Contact us so we can do it.

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