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Classified Newspaper Advertising is one of the most powerful and cost effective ways to promote your business. Advertising in Newspaper Classified Networks puts your ads in groups of newspapers - so you are getting more advertising with one placement and at less money than single placement advertising. Don't see what you are looking for? Need to reach a specific target audience? We can break it down for you! Enquirer for more details! We will be glad to help! "Give Me a Quote!"


Code Newspaper Network Price (USD) Circulation
2202 USA Today Marketplace Weekday edition QUOTE MY AD! Rate dependant on length. $750.00 2,154,539
2203 USA Today Marketplace Weekend Edition QUOTE MY AD! Rate dependant on length. N/A 2,900,000
1413 USA Today Weekday edition QUOTE MY AD! Rate dependant on length. N/A 3,000,000
1414 USA Today Weekend Edition QUOTE MY AD! Rate dependant on length. N/A 3,300,000
1339 Utah $280.00 493,260
3009 Vermont ** Prices are subject to change without notice. $370.00 130,000
1340 Virginia $400.00 1,300,000
1341 Washington Has multiple group buys to make the biggest impact! Contact for details. $390.00 781,510
1703 Web Site Design Gold Package N/A N/A
1704 Web Site Design Platinum Package N/A N/A
1702 Web Site Design Standard Package N/A N/A
1342 West Virginia $373.00 653,596
1343 Wisconsin $427.00 1,200,000
1204 Worldwide Newspaper Network Have a more specific Target - Ask about the group Break down! N/A 3,184,430
1344 Wyoming $247.00 181,100
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*Rates are based on 25 words, unless otherwise specified.

*Circulation of Newspaper Networks is based on number of newspapers printed and not readership (industry standard generally reports readerships as 2.5% of the actual hard copies printed).

*Distribution of the Newspapers Networks is generally a combination of direct mail, racked, subscription and newsstand.

*DEADLINES ARE THURSDAYS at 5 pm, unless otherwise specified, for publications beginning 10 days ahead. If you need a Rush AD placement- email us. We will tell you what is available for more immediate placement.

*100% placement in all newspapers is not guaranteed, since some newspapers have different guidelines for acceptable ad copy. Newspaper lists are subject to change. Submission of advertising IS 100% guaranteed.

Advertising Solutions: helps you find the answers you need for cost effective advertising in classified newspapers and magazine advertising. Whether it is in single advertising placement, press or news releases, newspaper, radio networks, or web site design and optimization, we can help.

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