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Best Reach Buys

Best Reach Buys are newspaper groups that have a larger circulation and great value. These networks are designed for those for long-term placement and value.


Code Newspaper Network Price (USD) Circulation
1506 Eastern Plus Region - Best Reach Buys $599.00 4,800,000
1555 Eastern Plus Region - Best Reach Buys $600.00 5,000,000
1507 Midewestern Regions - Best Reach Buys $250.00 1,000,000
1501 National Shopper Network - Best Reach Buys $999.99 15,000,000
1508 Natonal Shopper (25 word base) - Best Reach Buys $1,100.00 15,000,000


*Rates are based on 25 words, unless otherwise specified.

*Circulation of Newspaper Networks is based on number of newspapers printed and not readership (industry standard generally reports readerships as 2.5% of the actual hard copies printed).

*Distribution of the Newspapers Networks is generally a combination of direct mail, racked, subscription and newsstand.

*DEADLINES ARE THURSDAYS at 5 pm, unless otherwise specified, for publications beginning 10 days ahead. If you need a Rush AD placement- email us. We will tell you what is available for more immediate placement.

*100% placement in all newspapers is not guaranteed, since some newspapers have different guidelines for acceptable ad copy. Newspaper lists are subject to change. Submission of advertising IS 100% guaranteed.

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