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Newspaper, Magazine, Radio and Website Advertising Services offers the following advertising services:

  • Print Media Placement
    Effective Print Advertising brings you more customers, specifically more profitable customers. Identify where your potential client lives & works (See US Census Table). Then match the type of newspaper or magazine that offers advertising to fit the demographics, budget and format for your business.
    All print advertising is more effective with consistency and frequency.
    • Newspaper Classified Advertising
      Classified Newspaper Advertising is one of the most powerful and cost effective ways to promote your business. Advertising in newspaper classified networks puts your ad in groups of newspapers - so you are getting more advertising with one placement for less money than single placement advertising. Classified advertising can work like a mini billboard to drive business to your home or website. Classified advertising generally benefits from larger circulations. Newspaper distribution type is by subscription, newsstands, on racks, and direct mail.
      Classified Advertising Is Like a Mini Billboard - Drive traffic to your phone or web site
    • Magazine Advertising
      Magazine advertising is valuable for targeting a specific audience or brand imaging. Trade or niche publications distributed by mostly paid subscription tend to be read more thoroughly (cover to cover) so your ad is more likely to be seen and acted upon by the audience who is already interested in what you are presenting. Choose you're demographic and match to magazine placement with a media plan that you can afford to do consistently. You can do display advertising or classified ads in most magazines.
      Choose a Media Plan the you can afford to do Consistently

  • Press Releases
    A Press Release is a good way to broadcast newsworthy information to the media cost effectively. While you are not guaranteed the media will find it "news worthy" for their market, often interest is generated and can be a solid form of generating activity to your business. Press releases should answer the "Who, What, When, Where and Why," not an obvious ply for sales.
    Press Releases can Generate Activity to Your Business
  • Web Design
    Do you need a website? Consider taking your business online, one of the fast developing areas of advertising.
  • SEO Solution Service
    Do you need a website? Consider taking your business online, one of the fast developing areas of advertising.

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